ADTECH Canvas Tool

Posted on October 17, 2013

Client: ADTECH
Project: ADTECH Canvas
Agency: Blissful Pixels

ADTECH engineered Canvas (now known as Pictela) to make the experience of building and managing rich media ads easier, more flexible, faster — and even fun.

I was approached by Ed Barnes, VP of Rich Media at ADTECH, to design the User Interface for Canvas. The project included UX development through to final designs ready to be implemented into the application and full product identity creation and development.

As an additional element to the project I was also asked to design and develop the supporting product marketing website.

Project Testimonial

James just gets UI design. With thorough research and many questions to determine exactly what we wanted, James and his team delivered a modern web application UI design that was as functional as a desktop application but as beautiful as a modern web page.

– Ed Barnes, Vice President of Rich Media, ADTECH.